Thursday, 22 December 2011

Who's Been a Naughty Girl?

I was out & about doing some last minute Christmas shopping, but of course I just had to drop into a few op shops along the way. As usual I wasn't intending on buying anything....but temptation got the better of me! I picked up this vintage Hawaiian frock for $6. It's a lovely sturdy cotton fabric, but I am really not sure whether the shape suits me or not. I will take a photo of me in it at some stage & ask your opinion on whether it's a keeper or whether it's better off being sold.

I found a pair of navy shoes last week by 'Footrest' for $3, & today I spotted the most divine pair of 'Footrest' shoes in black. I don't wear heels very often due to an old foot injury where I tore a tendon in my arch, so flat & practical shoes are usually the go, but these were in amazing condition & in my size for only $6.

And then I came across these old beads in a gunmetal grey colour with a green-ish sheen through them. I already have 3 other beads like it, the shape kind of reminds me of old knuckle bones, a children's toy from way back. But seeing as grey is my second favourite colour after green, I couldn't let these go for just $1. Hmm & so the jewellery problem continues!


  1. Funny you mention knuckle bones, saw some in an oppie last week. That dress is so pretty, perfect for summer!

  2. Oh Lol, I love you! That dress is gorgeous by the way. I am sure it will look stunning on you.Can never have enough beads either, or shoes for that matter ;). XX Chelle

  3. Lovely frock and those black t-bars are gorgeous. Like the blanket you've photographed them on too. V. much x

  4. Too much jewellery is never a problem, as long as you wear it! If the dress doesn't fit, you know who you can contact! Hehe! Love xxx

  5. Like Kylie, I was oddly drawn to the knitted blanket too. Love the dress. Do show it on you.


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