Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Nana's China Cabinet

I have always loved this cabinet of my Nana's. I remember being fascinated by it as a little girl, & one day when I was left alone for a while at Nana's, I pulled on the handle at the top, & the top of the cabinet proceeded to lift up & all of Nana's vases & precious china pieces fell off the back of the cabinet & crashed onto the floor. I hid behind the sofas until Nana got home as I knew I would be in trouble! The top compartment is fully mirrored with some shelves as I think it was designed as a cocktail bar. You pull the door down & then the top of the cabinet opens right up. It's such a stunning piece of furniture, & it has so many precious memories attached. And now I get to display all of my glass & china treasures inside.

My collection of coloured vases & brandy balloons on top.

The green collection.

The left side holds my fine china collection.

The right side contains glass wear, plus my Japanese Kelco collection.


  1. He he I would of hid too! It's nice that get to have it now, let's hope nobody pulls the same trick on you.

  2. Your china cabinet is gorgeous and you have so many beautiful goodies.

  3. I knew that cabinet was a beauty when you featured it before! It's a gorgeous piece, and you have so many lovely treasures to display. I'm envious! xxxx

  4. What a fabulous cabinet of yummy treasure!!!
    Love V


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