Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Shelf Love

My hubby & I live in an older apartment (or a unit as we call it in Australia), so we don't have heaps of spare room for all the furniture I long to have. But I did have one free wall which I thought could be put to better use, & I was just waiting for the right piece of furniture. I picked up this danish inspired shelf unit with a big drawer at the bottom at Lifeline for $25. It's just the right size for the wall space, & it means I can now have my canisters on display.

My old cameras & a budgie cigar box.
Birdy painting by my friend Miss J.

Old scales from Betty.
Nally Ware canisters from my Mum in law.
Wood grain canisters from Chandler Markets.
Orange Willow canister from the Suitcase Rummage.

Anodised teapot gifted from Miss C.
Green Willow canister from a vintage fair.
Teal blue ice bucket from Endos.
Thrifted anodised sugar bowl.


  1. Very cute display, its very eye catching!

  2. Wow - beautiful! We live in an older unit too - I really need to sort out some kind of storage for all my crafting things, especially my fabric. It seems as crafty girls don't do so well in small spaces :P

  3. Looks as if they were made for each other! Great find.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. It looks perfect. You have a very good eye for display and arranging your treasures to their best advantage. I'm envious... xxxxxx

  5. Looks Fantastic! Too many nice things to drool over in there!

  6. Your canister collection looks great on display. The Nally Ware is fabulous. You Aussies sure made some wonderful plastics.

  7. Yay I love when you find that piece that is perfect for the treasure you have waiting to display. I just love the colors of the Nally Ware. Hey Sweet what is Endo?
    The birdie painting is just Fabulous!!! Miss J is very clever.
    Happiness to you
    Love v

    1. Thanks Miss V. Endos is what they call Endeavour Foundation Op shops here in Oz. Kind of like calling Saint Vincent De Paul's Vinnies. LOVE your pink coat & frock this week! Xx

  8. I love it! So perfect! I like the bird painting too!

  9. Love this cabinet and the display. I like nothing better than nosing around other people's homes and getting ideas for my own! x

  10. Love the cabinet! So great for displaying such cute things.


  11. that is a great shelf! i love the ice bucket too. i need one of those!

  12. I just love that shelving unit! We are looking for something like this that runs more horizontally for our entertainment center. I pinned this as inspiration!
    Your newest follower~Rachael~The Thrifty Picker

  13. Absolutely perfect. And what a lovely collection to display. x


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