Friday, 21 September 2012

A Helgalicious Frock Friday

I was lucky enough to be able to spend a few hours with our beloved Helga, (you can check out her version of events here). We met in the ReStart container mall in the centre of the city in Christchurch. Helga looked divine in a blue frock & was accessorized to perfection.  She has a wonderful, easy going & cheeky personality. She is just as lovely & gorgeous in the flesh as you might imagine. Her equally fabulous man G joined us, so the boys could talk music etc (next time they MUST have a jam session!). The time flew by so quickly, & my hubby & I wished it didn't have to come to an end. After a spot of lunch in a container cafe, we choofed off to Retropolitan which is a funky vintage shop in an old house, filled to the brim with retro home wares, clothing & accessories. I purchased a 1960/70's orange frock, & Mr P bought a vintage Marcs & Spencer shirt. Helga tried on a lovely cotton frock, but she wasn't sure about it, so left it behind. Then we moved onto Madam Butterfly's, which is a wee shop chock full of vintage clothing. I scored a turquoise vintage ring, & Helga bought this amazing blue frock. Thank you darling Helga & G for sharing your day with us, I can't wait till we can do it again. Xx

We put on a bit of a scene for passers by in the mall.

Helga & G rode their bikes through the partly demolished city.

Helga's wheels

 Outside Retropolitan

And inside Retropolitan....

I loved the orange room above...homewares & kitchen things

A wall of retro bags

Some slightly scary short shorts! Only G could pull those off!

Clothing for boys

Chairs to lounge in

Mr P was quite taken by the mannequin heads


Helga, I & Dianne, the lovely owner of Retropolitan
Sqeee to those canisters too!

Onto Madam Butterfly's

 Helga's swoon-worthy frock

Farewell to my new friend.

 My Retropolitan frock

Madam Butterflies ring

Outfit Details
Vintage frock - Ebay from Lithuania
Enamel brooch - Queenstown Salvos
Typewriter bracelet - gift from Mr P
Bead ring - Queenstown
Vintage beads - gifted from the sweetest Squirrel Miss Vanessa
Tights, boots & belt - retail


  1. I love your whole ensemble and those awesome kitchen cupboards! Retropolitan is a fab name for a shop and these pictures - especially the one with all the purses - make me want to travel across the world so I can do some shopping.

  2. OOOOOoooohhhh! You both look AMAZING! I love your Lithuanian frock and all of your gorgeous accessories. How FABULOUS is she on that gorgeous bike! The orange room is amazing and I LOOOOVE the brown velvet armchairs so much. I'm so glad you had such a lovely time - isn't she MARVELLOUS!? Happy weekend, Sarah xxx

  3. Oh I'm so jealous. Not only did you meet our Helga but all that vintage!! I've seen photos of Retropolitan before and I'm always slobbering over all those homewares. You both looked lovely xx

  4. What's beautiful sunshiny day you had. Such wonderful pic of you and Helga.
    You know the best thing I can't pass up next to a green frock is an orange on.......lovely print.
    Welcome back sweetie.

  5. You both look fab!! I'm so jealous of you meeting Helga and vice versa as well as those shops - they're chocka block with lovely stuff!!

  6. I loved those pictures of you and Helga! I spoke to her the day she met you and she was still so excited! Retropolitan and Madame Butterfly look like such treasure troves and the hat stands are hilarious. Love what you bought and you totally rock today's frock. I think you love green as much as I do! xxx

  7. Aww...Helga is such a doll! You both look fabulous in your frocks!! Green is so perfect on you, and Helga is a dream in blue. I wish I was there to hang out with you two and visit Retropolitan and Madam Butterfly!

  8. Yay excellent! YOu had a great trip by the looks - just catching up on all your posts! Glad you got a couple of scores in Hams!

    It was such a GLORIOUS afternoon, and I'm so happy you picked up a couple of lovely things to remember it by!I can't wait for you to come over again, and hopefully we can have more time for more opshopping and mucnhing and general squeeing!! Such great pix....ah,it was divine to meet you both and make new friends!!!
    G has in fact got a pair of short short Stubbies.....he looks pretty damned fine in them!

  10. Eeeeeeeeee! What a fabulous post! Helga looks sooooo cool (I admire anyone that can do red lipstick at any time of day - it looks hot!) and the little places you visited I'm so completely jealous of - helllooooo Nallyware!!!!!! Sounds like you guys all had a ball!!! Kel xx


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