Friday, 30 November 2012

Osti Frock Friday

I found this Osti brand dress at a garage sale where a girl was selling her Grandma's clothes. Osti dresses are quite common here in Australia.  Frank Theeman OSTI – started as a lingerie designer in 1970 then created the famous Osti dress in the mid 1970s. Today the Osti dress is synonymous with 1970s retro dressing.  I have a few already. I wasn't so sure about the high neckline & the lower waist, but Mr P assured me I didn't look like "too much" of a Nana in it.

Outfit details......

Osti frock - $4 Garage sale
Crochet cardi - Retail
Knucklebone beads - Thrifted
Old rings - childhood
Old bracelet - Treasured Tam
Shoes - Rubi


  1. Gorgeous! I love an Osti and I find if they have some lovely bright colours that they never frumpy. Love your bag and accessories too. Happy weekend! Sarah xxx

  2. I don't see a nana. I love the colours in this frock and the cardi. X

  3. Gorgeous as ever! The pattern of the dress doesn't make it look nana at all. I really like your crochet cardi.

    Talking of accessories,I forgot to add the earrings that you posted me to my thank you post. Thank you again for my lovely gifts, have a great weekend. Hope you are staying cool, Tam x

  4. The colours are far too groovy to look in the least bit nana-ish. What a fab outfit and gorgeous scenery, too. Thanks for the Osti history, it's a label I've never heard of. xxx

  5. love, love, love this cardi look gorgeous as always xo

  6. Do you remember the old Osti tv ad with the song, 'how does she do it for the priiiiice'? I still sing it all the time!

  7. Such a pretty dress you look beautiful, dee x

  8. the colors are very summery and I loved it!
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  9. Such pretty summer colours. You most certainly do NOT look like a nana!

  10. I had to go and instantly google OSTI dresses and completely adore them, they look so sweet and pretty and hopefully cool - I guess they're made for the Australian heat. Your dress is very pretty indeed, definitely not nana worthy, especially as you're wearing that minty cardi and the chunky rings with it xxx

  11. I have never heard of Osti, but that is such a cute dress and not Nana-ish at all! You have a wonderful eye for a print and know exactly what will suit you.
    And that tree is spectacular! xxx

  12. Osti! I remember the ads! Who doesn't love an Osti?!
    I knew nothing about the brand before,though,so thanks for that!
    It's a sweetie, and so lovely with that darling cardi! I wore a drop waist frock on friday too,and felt a little odd, but it seems to look alright.
    Have I blithered before about how fabulously you accessorise?!
    I have?! Well, I blither again,becuase you do it PERFECTLY!

  13. Thank you Leisa!! NOW I know about Osti! For some reason I thought it might have been a uniform-making business (I think it is the design of the label) but now I've read your post, I'm way more informed haha. And no, by the way, you did not look Nanna at all that's for darn sure! I was reading Kitty's post, I'll have to You Tube that and see if it jogs any memories for me! xxxx


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