Tuesday, 16 April 2013

You Weren't in Love With Me

It seems one of the volunteers at one of my favourite op shops has a crush on me. He introduced himself to me sometime ago, & now whenever I go in for a browse, he pops out from the back room to say hello. Anyway that was fine, but on my last visit with my friend Miss J, he followed me around the shop like a shadow. When we at the counter, we were joking that we're regulars & no doubt we'll be back again, he said, "I hope so". But the clincher was when we were leaving, he asked if he could give me something. He pulled out a leather notebook from his pocket. I was thinking he was going to give me his number. But he pulled out this heart shaped rock, & said he wanted me to have it. Bless.
 I'll have to throw in a comment about my husband, & hope he gets the message before he pursues it any further!

Anyhoo on to my finds from last week....

I know, I know, like I need more jewellery. I'm like a moth to a flame with old shiny stuff!

Vintage brooch

Pink brooch/pendant

A Celtic necklace from the 1960's made by the brand 'Miracle' with green agate stones
Lifeline $3

A Qantas badge for the Captain

It seems it was only a few months ago that I was thinking that I never come across vintage sheets.
I seem to be on a sheet roll at the moment. My linen cupboard is filling up!
New York brand Cannon Royal Family sheets

A trashy flashy kitsch gold deer/vase/thermometer thing to add to my deer collection

Here's a song in honour of my op shop friend......


  1. No wonder he's in love with you... you're spectacularly GORGEOUS! As always, I am crazy envious of your fabulous treasures - especially the magnificent sheets - BEST LINENS I HAVE EVER SEEN!

    Sarah xxx

  2. I adore those sheets but my favourite thing has to be the Qantas pin so cute! Hopefully the sweet man gets the hint so he doesn't hinder your op shopping haha. xx

  3. Of course he has a massive crush on you, who wouldn't?!
    Love that celtic pendant, the groovy sheets and flashy trashy Mummy Deerest and fawn.
    Now go break another heart, whydontcha! xxxx

  4. Aw - how sweet! Love the pink brooch and celtic pendant - great finds.
    Liz & Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Who wouldn't follow you around, you gorgeous girl?
    Miracle is still going strong, it's a company local to me! xxx

  6. Bless him I am not surprised he has taken a shine to you your beautiful. I love your first brooch that is stunning. I have the same bambi thing to I picked it along with a swan one last week :-) Have a great week, dee xx

  7. I love that vintage flower brooch, and those sheets are quite lovely. Vintage bedding always gives me a better sleep. *hehehe*

    A heart rock??? You better mention the Husband quickly or he might be trying to give you an engagement ring in a couple weeks. *EEEEPPPP*

  8. wow you got an amazing collection of goodies. lucy

  9. Oh that is so cute - I just think thats adorable he gave you a heart-shaped stone. Take the captain with you next time, that way you can let him down gently by him observing that you are spoken for! I have seen the most amazing people in op shops, reading your post made me smile like crazy, if I met you in an op shop I would definitely talk to you :-) Cooler weather here in Dunedin at the moment and I have been thinking how much you would love the lower temperatures and the lovely autumn leaves. xx

  10. You always find the best jewellery at op shops. Ha, a heart rock seems like something you'd give to someone in primary school that you had a crush on. Hopefully he's not to distraught when he finds out you're already taken.

  11. Oh bless him. You have some wonderful finds there, I love the brooches x

  12. You're meant to be collecting fabulous jewellery, frocks, linen and Bambis, not MEN!

  13. I am definitely loving it

  14. Oh sweet I am so behind with catching up on the news from my favorite ladies......I have just read todays post and so have flicked back to here to understand it......eeekkk. I think its time for the captain to escort his beautiful lady into said op-shop......with an arm draped over your shoulder too!!!!
    Oh you have the best eye for wonderful shiny things......just love the 60's pendant!!!!
    ok off to the next post.....here we go.
    love V

  15. eeek! Hopefully you'll be able to drop some hints and put him off. I love the tacky but cute deer and that fabric... green of course!

  16. i love the shiny deer, thanks for linking x


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