Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Upper Class Hoarding

I went to a fantastic garage sale a couple of weeks ago. An older couple who had lived in an enormous modern house on the waterfront had passed on, so their kids were selling the contents of the house. What was surprising was their incredible collection of old stuff. They had so much stuff, from ornaments, huge 60's lamps, furniture, kitchen stuff, old linen that had never been used, and racks and racks of clothing. It was obvious to me this couple had style. The mans collection of clothing was enormous, with much of it never worn. The family were asking $2 a piece for suits, pants, frocks, tops, everything. 
So this was me being rather restrained....

3 dresses from the 60's

I found my first Salty & Peppy set

Super tacky swan vase with thermometer, that matches my cat & deer ones.

And the Captain scored well with 3 shirts and 1 knit. The polo shirt still has the tags. I was so surprised he could actually see the beauty in that green & brown shirt. 

I also got this kitchen herb set in the original holder.

I sometimes wonder who will be selling all my junk when I'm gone.
I highly doubt my nephews & nieces will be into my old stuff.
It'll probably all end up in a skip bin!
Won't really matter by that stage will it!


  1. You were very restrained! The dresses look fun, and I love the salty and peppy set. Just today the little seal at the base of my salt shaker fell out, leaving a big pile of salt on the table! (Fortunately not on my eggs!) perhaps I will have to look out for a "new" vintage set...

  2. I bought 15 of those wooden cruets from a chazza a while ago. How weird to see them on the other side of the world! Fab scores especially the Captain's, love those shirts. x

  3. My goodness, you WERE restrained!! Comes a time, I guess!
    Sounds like the garage sale form heaven!!! XXX

  4. Sounds as though there was a lot of interesting stuff at the sale, and you came home with some great bargains. The little Salty and Peppy are so cute! xxxx

  5. I bet their folks would have been stoked to know that some of their stuff was getting some much needed new love. I think you and the Captain are totally worthy of all these treasures. Love the prints on your frocks! Sometimes I wonder the same thing, who will love my stuff when I'm gone but your so right by that time who cares!

  6. I can't believe you only bought 3 dresses! I would have probably been loaded down with clothes! :o)


  7. Wow - this is the dream garage sale. I found one in Seattle about 30 years ago!? I don't really care what happens to my stuff, but I certainly try to live my clothes to their fullest while I have them. Looks like you'll have fun with these incredible finds.

  8. Wow! What a great sale you guys came across - I love those wee books. SO cute!


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